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Vehicles create data
Lots of it

Companies involved in mobility need to enable new business models and
consider how connected technologies can add value in terms of their organisation’s
mission and the challenges it faces. They need a way to innovate and bring new
services to their customers.



Cellular connectivity and unprocessed data forwarded to any endpoint.


Best in class telematics OBD-II devices

Scalable back-end solution

Global cellular connectivity

Secure data transmission

Configure data frequency



Do no re-invent the wheel. Access our API and leverage next-generation connected vehicle technology.

Data analytics & processing

Driving behaviour analysis

Geo-mapping & coding

Predictive analytics

Easy to use API documentation



Your vehicle’s data merged in usable software ready to go instantly


Web & Mobile applications

White label availability

Go to market instantly

iOS and Android applications

Third party integrations

Our services are in place to make sure you can scale your business

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Top speed 76.8 mph.

Ever thought what you could do when knowing the
exact topspeed of your client's car before a crash?

Health stateEngine check

What is you knew what parts to check before your client runs into any car-problems?

Current location
London SW1A 0AA

Knowing every location of your fleet enables you to
manage shorter and quicker routes to your customers