iOS App: Update and be Amazed

Publish date: 12/09/2016

t’s with great pleasure that we announce that ULU’s iOS Telematics App has been updated with a new and amazing design! Our new iOS app is ready to disrupt the car industry.

Easy to use interface, new color scheme, and easy to access statistics, with our app, you will have your complete car insights on your mobile device. We would love to show you a few of the many features you’ll find:


The dashboard has been completely redesigned, with new features and easy to access insights. Here you will find a map, showing your car’s location, and your weekly driver score.

Your driving score is based on insights from your driving
behaviour, like speeding, idling, etc

Driving Feedback

We want to promote safer driving, that’s why we provide you a complete report with your driving skills. You can click on each individual score and the app will display feedback, with the goal of teaching you how to improve your driving.

Watch your score, and prove how good of a driver you are!

Trip logging & tracking

On the Trip screen, you can see all the trips you’ve done organized by month. We’ve included a filter on the top that
allows you to log your trip as commute, business or private.

Get more details on each individual trip, like: start point, end point, distance, driving score, maximum and average speed, and a map with the route.


The last view option is Statistics here you can see an overview of your driving behaviour, with the possibility to see a weekly, monthly or yearly review.

So what are you waiting for? Go to the Apple App Store on your iOS devices, update the ULU Telematics App & be amazed! Don’t have your ULU Dongle yet? Visit our web shop now!