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Are you ready to shift into a higher gear? The automotive industry is changing fast and emerging technologies are reshaping traditional business models while you are reading this. The age of digitalisation however, also brings a wealth of opportunity for traditional automotive businesses to grow.

That’s where ULU comes in. With our unique engagement, and telematics platforms, we’ve created a truly end-to-end solution, that focuses on your customers with a highly distinctive user experience. Let’s go ULU!


We understand that your first priority is to maintain a valuable relationship with customers. That’s why ULU allows drivers to connect with a mobile application providing relevant services and solutions that enhance their driving experience. 


Data is life. Our Connect Platform retrieves and transforms device sensor data into meaningful insights. In turn you can use real-time vehicle and driver data to pro-actively advise customers and optimise vehicle maintenance management or launch new mobility services.


Complete the process by creating brand advocates. Give each and every one of your customers access to data driven solutions with your connected vehicle strategy and make unique insights accessible. Loyal customers guaranteed!

ULU’s scalable products

Engage Platform

ULU’s engagement platform allows you to offer customers a mobile application to be used whenever they are behind the wheel. Through the efficient use of data and technology, you can transform your company into a next-gen mobility provider.

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Connect Platform

ULU’s Telematics Platform is designed to fit your scalability and security demands. Use it to build your own application based on our API's or let us integrate any device data and get your own trusted, fault-tolerant and ready-to-scale technology platform.

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The all-in-one Mobility App

A mobile application your customers can use on a daily basis! Not just once a year to plan a service appointment or check contract terms, but an app that brings them closer every single day, helps them to make smart choices and might even save them some money. And all that... branded by YOUR COMPANY!

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ULU’s solutions per industry

Leasing Companies

A relevant driving app for your customers, which will benefit them throughout the day. By offering an intuitive app that offers real help, you will subliminally remain at the forefront of your customers’ tasks. Monitor real-time mileage, respond to error codes or maintenance needs and analyse the fuel consumption. Take the next step with your service by implementing a mobility app that your customers don’t realise they are waiting for.

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Monitor real-time mileages, error codes, maintenance needs and respond to necessary part replacements. Offer your own telematics solution and connect your private and business lease drivers. Improve your customer satisfaction and loyalty by implementing your own connected vehicle strategy.

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A fair insurance premium based on your own behaviour. Who wouldn’t want to be in control of their own insurance? ULU’s technology allows insurance companies to offer behaviour-based premiums. The better you drive, the higher your discount. The better your customers drive, the lower the amount of claims.

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