Fleet Management

Fleet Management

ULU’s Fleet Management provides you with insight into your whole car fleet. Track the live location of all vehicles, anticipate on actual mileages, services or error codes, view the trips per individual car or driver and monitor driving behaviour. Your employees can easily change trip mode per individual trip (private, business or commute) and add notes. Only 1 click is needed to separate private, business and commute mileages. Get insight into the driving behaviour of your employees. The better they drive, the lower the costs.

The Numbers Don't Lie

Data is our DNA: The ULU platform helps you translate data into concrete solutions. We collect and analyse big date, providing you with an easy-to-use app (drivers) and helping you to save money on your fleet (companies). With this collected data, we can conduct bespoke analysis to help you get real results. Take a look at one of our default reports with fuelling costs, parking costs, CO2 emission, driving behaviour and working hours. Or create your own reports and automate them to arrive in your inbox at time intervals that suit you.
+ Live Location
Get real-time locations of every vehicle in your fleet. Easily identify who is on the move and who has arrived at their destination. Improve efficiency by sending only the closest vehicles to each job you undertake. 
+ Trip Mode
Your employees can easily change modes (Private, Business & Commute) on a trip-by-trip basis. With just one click, you can view the mileage of each category.
+ Trip History
Manage every trip in your entire fleet with one, clear overview. Daily KPI’s such as; Destination, Distance, Duration, Average Speed, and Route are displayed so that you verify fleet information with one quick glance.
+ Refuelling
With fuel card integration, all fuelling stops and information is imported automatically. With accurate daily mileage, distances travelled, and fuel information, we can analyse exactly how far your money goes. After comparing this with the rest of your fleet (and other ULU drivers) we can offer real driving behaviour improvements that will save you money.
+ Driving behaviour
Get insight into the driving behaviour of your employees. The better they drive, the lower the costs. You could not only save money on fueling, but also on the wear and tear and service costs of your vehicle!
+ Points of Interest
You can easily and quickly create Points of Interest in the ULU dashboard. Once a POI has been created you can gain insights into the visiting time per location, working hours of a specific project / operation, or get a notification whenever someone arrives at (or leaves) their destination.
+ Vehicle Health
View the odometer of your vehicles mile by mile. With our maintenance scheduling, you can prevent costly downtime, and through the use of our OBD hardware, you can remotely see what is wrong with a vehicle via our DCT (diagnostic code translation) integration. 
+ Messaging
Use your fleet portal to communicate and engage with employees. Ideal for a planning department or in the event of a breakdown or accident. Within a few clicks, you can send geo messages that your driver can click for instant navigation guidance. 
+ Parking
Does forgetting to turn off the parking meter in your app sound familiar? That’s in the past with ULU Parking! We know exactly when your car is situated in a paid zone and can easily activate your parking meter. Furthermore, we register when you are on the road again and stop your parking meter automatically!
And Even More Features

We know, there are too many features to name! We have various notification systems to keep you up to date with specific fleet activities, such as vehicle use at the weekend, after working hours, activity abroad or severely bad driving behaviour. Groups can also be created to make larger fleets more manageable whilst creating geofences allows you to manage fleets by locations entered or exited.


Analysing data is our core business. For ease, we have default reports available for instant insights or you can customise reports and automate them to arrive in your inbox at time intervals that suit you! (Daily, Weekly, Monthly Annually)


Know in advance when your vehicles require maintenance (services, repairs etc.) You can receive notifications set by mileage or you can manually input the schedule yourself. Either way, by optimising your planning you will prevent costly breakdowns and downtime of your vehicles.


The registration of your trips quite often involves privacy legislations. ULU is fully GDPR compliant and complies with all EU privacy codes of conduct. 

Driver Identification

Find out exactly who is driving with ULU’s driver identification. ULU offers a solution for all situations. You can choose from QR code or Bluetooth logins to an even more secure system such as RFID/NFC start-stop. With our dynamic driver ID, we can match the various parameters of a vehicle (eg. Location) with the parameters from your smartphone! Meaning we can use software to identify who is driving which car. Pretty nifty huh?

Carsharing / Pool Cars

Our technology is particularly interesting for Carsharing, Pool Car and MaaS (Mobility-as-a-Service) companies. Manage who uses a car and when, and organise payment based on the mileage per person. We could even combine this with their driving scores. The better you drive, the lower your price per mile.