Hardware Devices

Hardware Devices

ULU designs and manufactures hardware devices for telematics applications. Pretty cool, but combined with the unique Telematics Platform, our devices provide a wealth of valuable tools and capabilities.

We support scalable production and provide efficient logistic management by having the entire manufacturing and supply chain process already in place.

Our VEL10 product range consists of first-class devices delivering the highest quality at scale. We have tested it thoroughly with billions of miles of data collected from vehicles all around the world.

Designed With Security In Mind

ULU’s devices are the smallest form factor in the industry with maximum performance. The hardware is equipped with a GPRS- or 3G-modem, gyroscope, battery, powerful MCU of ST Microelectronics and designed to support a 12V and 24V. Besides this, we have armed the hardware with a crypto-element with a key that is installed on the hardware itself, which makes hacking the device impossible. All communication from and to the hardware is protected according to the highest security standards and with the newest technologies. This is why the combination of our hardware and platform is even safer than online banking!
Platform Agnostic

Our hardware devices are platform agnostic and can be integrated with any existing technology platform. But to be ahead of the game we already pre-integrated the devices with third-party platforms and services, including AWS IoT. On top of that we have long term experience in manufacturing our products for a wide range of telematics companies globally.


A small form factor OBD-II device, easily installed in any vehicle. Its simple plug & play capability targets high volume applications such as insurance, leasing and consumer deployments.


A robust device designed to be hard-wired into vehicles for a full-on analysis. This device can retrieve GPS, vehicle (CAN) information and supports various I/O to support additional sensors and advanced requirements.