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Technology Service Providers

Technology Service Providers

The automotive market is changing rapidly. Thanks to the rapid introduction of new technologies, business models are shifting. New threads are emerging and this digitalisation creates new challenges for traditional automotive businesses.

Scalable, Safe and Innovative

Our technology is designed from the ground up for the greatest degree of scalability and to perfectly support innovations; and all of this with best in class security in mind. In addition, a deep focus on complying to all privacy legislations (GDPR) and making sure your products are ‘un-hackable’.

Our data can be accessed with the use of our easy to use API. Build your own application based on our data or integrate parts of our service into your own proposition! Anything is possible! We can provide you with a tailor made API that suits your internal processes.

Engage Platform

With ULU’s technology we can help you create an online platform to which customers would like to connect to daily. You can use ULU’s technology to launch white label solutions to develop new business models or use our application to connect with your users and integrate your own services, technologies and features.

Connect Platform

Use our Connect solution to receive and process big amounts of data in an organised manner. We have built a very strong platform that can comfortably process even the largest data load; we do the heavy lifting! Our infrastructure is ready to use: from data parsing to processing and from data editing to data storage. Our platform is compatible with various data sources, hardware, telematics devices and technologies. Start with our Connect Platform in combination with ULU’s telematics or integrate your own hardware to realise scalable, safe and high-quality data processing.