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Your Complete Fleet Management Solution.

ULU offers a white label solution for an entire business ecosystem that enhances your end customers fleet visibility, driver safety and operational efficiency. Through a fusion of our core technologies, ULU is able to offer an attractive, Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) licensing model with an accelerated route to market. In essence the solution encompasses:

-          Trade-cost Telematics Hardware

-          Device Management

-          Branded ‘Fleet Management’ Web App

-          Branded ‘Driver’ Mobile App (iOS + Android)

How does it work?

This all-in-one solution subsumes our hardware, connectivity, platform and application layers.

+ Track & Trace
Establish exactly where your vehicles are at any given time with a click. Find out with ease who is on the road, and who has arrived at their destination. Improve your customer service by working more efficiently and sending the nearest driver to a customer in need. Additionally, the orientation of the vehicles is displayed clearly alongside name of the vehicle and the registration number. Click for details>
+ Driving Behaviour Stats
Receive extremely accurate driving behaviour stats. The better they drive your car, the less it’s going to cost you! This will not only help you lower fuel consumption, but also decrease the wear and tear of your cars – reducing maintenance expenses too! Click for details>
+ Vehicle Usage Notifications
Receive real time notifications about your fleet straight to your main administrator account. Want to know whether a device has been unplugged, or know instantly if a vehicle has been involved in an accident? This and 20+ custom notifications are available for automatic delivery to custom email addresses or directly within the portal itself. Click for details>
+ Direct Messaging
Send messages from your own portal to your employees on the road. You can send various content, from images and videos to complete routes and navigation addresses! Your drivers receive information in the app immediately and can get started with just one swipe. Click for details>
+ Vehicle Health + Diagnostic Codes
Check the actual mileage of your vehicles at any point. Know when a vehicle needs maintenance and analyse your vehicles’ error codes. This prevents any unpleasant surprises and downtime of your fleet. Click for details>
+ Automated Custom Reporting
The fleet management portal has several default reports relevant to all any company that use mobility as an integral facet. Easily automate reports on Fuelling, Co2 emissions, driving behaviour and parking. Additionally you can customise reports and individually export them to CSV, Excel or send them to an e-mail address. Click for details>

Our powered OBD II devices have an internal battery, meaning if a device is unplugged we can receive distinct notifications based on these events. They also house an accelerometer allowing us to alert based on hard acceleration / braking or in the event of an accident. Find out more about our proprietary hardware.


Using MQTT for communication and TLS for encryption, the connection to our platform is not only strong, but using two-way cryptographic validation it is ultra-secure. Read more about it here.

The Platform

As our platform was built specifically to deal with ultra-scalable projects, the application of telematics couldn’t be more fitting. Whether your customers have 10 vehicles or 10,000, our system is fully equipped to deal with the processes effortlessly. Click here for more information.

What makes it so attractive?

The potential. Our solution – for minimal capital layout – offers you an undiluted revenue stream. Whether you have experience in the automotive sector or not, our solution is foolproof, providing everything that fleet managers and business owners in the 21st century have come to expect.

Case Study

We have done this for various companies around the world, read the case study on how Fleetify™ has used this solution to grow into one of the biggest telematics service providers in the UK here: www.ulu.io/resources/casestudies/fleetify