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IOT Management

Scalable | Manageable

Large scale physical and financial device management.

Chasing payments, managing devices in the field and keeping a detailed overview of your device deployment is a time consuming task. Our IOT management portal will allow you to increase the efficiency of this process, make sure that your devices are always updated on time and reduce the need to send/ chase invoices to your clients.

+ Administrative Overview
As administrator, our automated billing portal will give you access to all quotations and invoices sent by your workforce, and allow you to filter these searches with our powerful tools. Based on the fact that all employee actions are categorised by their name, you can efficiently pull up the actions of individuals and highlight their recent activity. In addition, the billing portal's powerful reporting tool will give you insights into how your workforce is performing.  Click for details>
+ Automated Processes
With our automated billing portal, you will be able to easily send invoices to your clients based on the contract terms. Whether you have agreed a monthly, yearly, or bi-annual contract with a client, their invoice will be automatically issued to them based on this pre-defined scheduled. Click for details>
+ Deep Dive Reporting
Accurate representation of the data is fundamental when it comes to analysing targets and KPI’s. The billing portal will allow you to create your own custom reports based on what you want to see. Want a weekly summary of sales invoices sent? Or how many quotations were issued over £1000? All of this and more is easily achievable. It’s never been easier to keep track of your team’s performance. Click for details>
Our scalable device management solution will allow any administrator to manage mass device deployments over the air. Whether it's pushing the latest firmware features, or changing configuration to suit a particular application, we have created a centralised platform to work from. Click for details>
+ Device Analysis
Our live analysis tools allow the user to keep track of devices in the field, and ensure that they are operating correctly. By having a centralised overview of your deployments, you will be able to effectively troubleshoot, and avoid problems before the even happen. We have implemented the latest version of Kibana, to provide users with extensive, deep dive analysis features. Click for details>
+ Stay Informed
Not every business will be punctual, and there will be times where you may need to gently remind your clients to pay for services rendered. Our customisable notification tool will allow you to pre define message to your clients, and send them on a schedule basis. For example, a reminder email to be sent 15 days after issuing the invoice if no payment has been received. Click for details>

Our IOT management portal combines a few vital business functions, into a simple, but powerful application to improve the financial turnaround of companies. In addition, the transparency of pricing and invoicing means that operational efficacy will be greatly improved.