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VEL10 Series. Redefined OBD Solutions.

ULU is not your traditional IOT hardware supplier. The world is rapidly changing, and we are progressively seeing more and more connected devices entering the market. This does not only form a new opportunity, but it also brings along new challenges that need to be managed. Traditional hardware suppliers only deliver a basic solution whose systems require significant dedicated resources. These systems lack the requirements to create a scalable, efficient solution within today's ever changing connected environment.

At ULU we realised this change and acknowledged it’s time for a new business model. A model where we become an expert in our field and we deliver the daily data needs required for an efficient operation. This data is processed, and can be fed directly into your own systems.

By using our end-to-end solution we manage manufacturing, testing, security, scalability, cellular connectivity and device management. This process lies at the core of why we are not a traditional hardware supplier, and refer to ourselves as a data delivery provider. To top it off, we can often provide our complete solution at similar costs compared to other, simplified hardware vendors.


The VEL10 series is the physical embodiment of this philosophy. VEL10 is our own line of robust telematics devices designed in-house and manufactured exclusively by ULU. Using the same architecture and OBD-CAN interface, our products are equally powerful; but we understand that one key doesn’t fit every lock so each of our devices excel in their own ways.


Featuring a built-in battery, triple axis accelerometer, high sensitivity GPS and internal antenna; the VEL10-CONNECT is our flagship telematics device. Integrated OBD2 pins make the CONNECT our most convenient product to install. The entire VEL10 series benefits from ULU’s own powerful processing engine that has been designed specifically for scalability. 24v and J-1939 connections are also available for heavy duty application.

VEL 10 - PRO

The VEL10-PRO is ULU’s premium telematics black-box. It makes it’s mark not only by having the same internal components as the CONNECT but by offering additional I/O’s (sensors, sirens, tail-lifts, Bluetooth etc.) By removing the OBD pins, we have made this our hardwired market offering – because all fleets need a tamper-proof option! 24v and J-1939 connections are also available for heavy duty application.

+ Security
A benefit of manufacturing our own devices is that we can embed cryptographic elements of security at the end of the production line. This, combined with our server-mutual certification and TLS message encryption, makes each ULU device more secure than almost every other device of its type. Click for details>
+ Manufacturing
ULU’s RTD team have developed hardware to an industry-leading standard. We believe that the best way to make a great pr'ct is to do it yourself, which is why we have our own production team in Shenzhen, China that oversee our stringent manufacturing and testing protocols.  Click for details>
+ Warehousing & Logistics
Our in house warehousing and logistics team specialise in swift processing and provide a quick, efficient device deployment service. We work closely with a parts exporter based in the Netherlands which has been bringing parts to Europe for the last 6 years. No matter where you are located, we can deliver ready-for-deployment devices within 2 working days. Click for details>
+ Accessories
The VEL10 series also boasts a variety of telematics accessories. We manufacture high-grade extension cables, splitter cables, RFID entry systems (DRIVER ID), immobilisers, Bluetooth buttons, panic buttons and much more. Click for details>
+ Device Management
Our hardware is supported by a highly scalable, ultra-secure and fault tolerant platform. This platform has been built by some of the world’s most innovative coders and programmers, allowing for a hardware – software partnership that positions ULU at the front of the connected vehicle marketplace. Click for details>
+ OTA - Firmware Updates
Our platform enables devices to be updated in the field either individually or in batches. This means we can change the configuration of a device or push a new firmware to it with the click of a button – incredibly powerful when a fleet's vehicles are updated regularly.  Click for details>