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The Platform

Fast and Reliable Framework.

Comprehensive IOT Platform.

The Platform was designed from the ground up, with scalability in mind, combining the latest in data processing and security. We have created a comprehensive IoT framework which provides a solid foundation for the design and construction of complex application layers.

The Platform is a trusted, fault-tolerant and ready to scale technology architecture, built from the same core tech stack as WhatsApp by implementing Erlang, OTP and Elixir. We understand that different service providers will require different technological solutions and therefore we have built our platform with this in mind.

At ULU we built the platform with the understanding that some companies might require different solutions to suite their particular needs. Read here to see how we deliver our data streams.

The Fundamentals

Built with security and reliability at the forefront of the technology, The Platform delivers a robust data processing system that meets the big data demands of modern telematics. By implementing the latest techniques in processing, sorting and storing data, we have delivered a strong framework for companies to use during day to day applications.

Service Orientated Architecture

We have developed our large data infrastructure to use micro services as much as possible. These are small, dedicated services within the platform that operate for a single, functional purpose. These help primarily in increasing efficiency and functionality, and take advantage of the powerful Golang programming language.

Efficient Data Storage

On average, a single 30-minute trip contains roughly 1800 data trip points that need to be organised and stored correctly. Taking into account the number of trips undertaken daily by our connected environment, it’s easy to see that this number grows exponentially. We have implemented a hyper efficient storage database to provide the platform with significantly higher throughput and lower latency when accessing data.

Continual Service

The Platform's architecture has been developed to be operational at all times; regardless of errors or maintenance within the network. By segmenting the platform into different compartments, and by using a combination of buffers and additional plugins, we can ensure that data is kept safe at all times.

Server Compatibility and Performance

The Platform implements Amazon’s EKS to make it easier to deploy, manage, and scale containerized applications within the overall framework. Amazon EKS runs the Kubernetes management infrastructure across multiple AWS availability zones to eliminate a single point of failure, therefore reducing potential for downtime. Our containerised approach to hosting applications, creates a standardised working environment that isn’t reliant on OS restrictions; ultimately driving higher server efficiency.