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Data Messaging

Throughput | Efficiency

Messaging and Data Throughput

The development of connectivity has allowed modern technology to communicate together remotely, and has opened to door to mobile, connected services. This has created an environment where massive amounts of data are constantly being transported, therefore creating the need for secure, high bandwidth capable systems.

Across the time that we have been operating, our data transfer and bandwidth demands have been consistently met and we have created a secure, consistent data environment for our platform to operate.

Encryption and Security

At the heart of any modern IoT platform, security is arguably the most important factor. Both our device and the platform have been designed in parallel to create the most secure environment possible. By implementing, 2-way transport layer security (TLS), and the latest in AWS’ security, users can rest assured that their data is safe.

We provide end-to-end security meaning that from device to IoT gateway, the platform is fully secured. We deploy invisible crypto-elements into our hardware, which in combination with TLS, make it almost impossible to break into.

Compressing Data Efficiently

With the vast amount of data being collected, our mission was to develop a platform that operates efficiently throughout the architecture. All data that is collected by the device in the field, is serialised and compressed to reduce bandwidth usage during data transfer. We use the industry standard MQTT protocol to communicate messages from the device to the IOT gateway. On arrival, we use a selection of robust applications which de-serialise the data, and work continuously to organise, and generate meaningful information.

Prevent Data Loss

Both errors and maintenance are potential situations which affect any IOT platform. We have created a platform that uses multiple buffers within the structure to ensure that regardless of downtime, the raw data is kept safe at all times. Check out more information here.