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Application Layers

Designed with the driver in mind

Useful, Intuitive Automotive Applications

Here at ULU we have a firm understanding of end user expectations. It is with this understanding that we develop practical and engaging application layers. ULU have built various full-stack web and mobile applications that are intuitive, user-friendly and infinitely scalable. Whether you want an out-of-the-box solution that moulds to your project or a custom application tailored to your exact needs, ULU can deliver a solution that your users will not tire of using. Need a fast route to market? With our fully scalable white label solution, we can have you up and running with a comprehensive telematics application; tried and tested in fleets around the globe, within a matter of weeks. We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on your customers.

Times have changed, and the use of applications has followed suit. At ULU we recognised this shift in consciousness and created end-user friendly, mobile applications suitable for both Android and iOS. This, in combination with our solid platform, will put power back into any mobility service providers hands.

Our application layers are built on a solid platform framework which create a seamless end user experience. For more information click here.

OS Agnostic

With our mobile application available on both iOS & Android devices, our reach of the everyday users is palpable. With an intuitive design and stand-alone capabilities, the features of our mobile app stretch far and wide.

Artificial Intelligence

By stacking various integrated services we have created an innovative AI interface that enriches the way your customers benefit from you services.

Autonomous Parking

Through the use of geolocation data, we have integrated autonomous parking. Never suffer at the hand of parking providers ever again. When you drive away from your parking space, your parking session is ended automatically.


We support PUSH & SMS notifications. With user specific data you can provide valuable information just at the right time to prevent problems and increase conversions.

Online Application

Our application layers aren't restricted to mobile. We have developed, a fully functional, robust online fleet management platform; ready for white label deployment. Our online application has been built to ensure that clients have a ready to go solution in a matter of weeks; without sacrificing the quality of the end product.

At ULU we pride ourselves on providing regular innovative updates and in-house development team implement new features on a weekly basis. In addition, we can fully customise the solution to your requirements; and create a bespoke end product, tailored to your needs. By using our innovative online application, you will ensure a strong foundation for the service you wish to provide going into the future, and receive a competitive advantage in your market.

  • Continuous implementation of new features
  • Fully customisable/ tailored to your business
  • Create a long term business infrastructure
  • Scalable and ready for mass deployment
  • Reliable, secure, feature rich solution for your clients
  • See 'FLEET MANAGEMENT' for more details

Privacy & Security

Our applications are built with privacy and security in mind! We comply with all privacy legislations and are fully GDPR compliant. Furthermore, we make use of state-of-the-art security protocols which make our applications even safer than online banking!

+ Frequently Used Application
ULU combines various frequently used applications into one intuitive solution. Think navigation, parking, speed cameras, mileage logging and driving behaviour all at the tap of a finger. Our app works with or without telematics hardware.
+ Parking
ULU is an official parking provider in the Netherlands. The user can (de)activate the parking meter in the app (or automate this process) and pay for his or her parking actions.
+ Trip Administration & Driving Behaviour
All trips automatically registered and can be found under ‘history’. You can look into the details of every trip and adjust the trip mode (Private, Business or Commute) You can gain additional insight into your driving behaviour and try to improve on this with our recommended tips and tricks.
ULU’s Content Management System allow you to send relevant messages to your users. Send automatic messages based on events, dates or as part of a marketing campaign. Distribute these among all users or specific segments for hyper-targeted activities. Link important messages with push notifications and integrate your Facebook™ page. Users can use the app to send messages to you, request quotes and plan appointments.
+ Payments
We offer various payment methods in-app. Users can pay with Apple Pay, Android Pay and Credit/Debit Card. This allows you to launch paid services in the app, for example “Pay-as-you-use” car-sharing or payment of maintenance & repair costs.
+ Integration & Services
We integrate various service providers such as, map providers, fuelling stations, and real-time traffic providers, but we also offer all these services ourselves. Do you have interesting data that could improve your customer engagement? We are happy to integrate this for you.

Smart Intelligence

Point of destination in a paid parking zone?

Save money by parking 200m further away!

No worries, we can guide you to your final destination.

We do not only integrate frequently used applications, but also combine, connect and improve various functionalities. We help the user to make smarter choices.