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Insurance Companies

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies have a complicated role in the Automotive industry. You cannot avoid them, but no one looks forward to taking out insurance. Especially if it is an insurance that is rarely used. Furthermore, the current business model from an insurance company is under pressure, as high claims cause low spread between income and costs. This business model cries out for innovation. If the conversations between you and the customer are either rare or concerning car damage (which are most certainly not the most pleasant ones). The question is, how do you increase your customer’s loyalty?


As an insurance company, you have to keep up with the technological developments in the market. Staying behind is not an option, technology is the only answer. With ULU’s technology you will stay on top of your clients’ mind, be able to offer a platform to which your customers would like to connect daily and create a basis that allows the introduction of new mobility initiatives.
Pay as you drive

A common concept that sounds really simple, but a successful implementation often seems to be postponed. With ULU’s technology you can accurately track driving behaviour, increase awareness in a constructive way and coach drivers to improve their behaviour. Decrease claims (proven in tests!) and increase your customer loyalty.

Connected Customer

Our innovative app also works without telematics! You can distribute it amongst your entire customer base in no-time, providing your customers with a relevant, useful app with extra services; freshened up with your own logo and corporate branding style.


Data, data, data. Today, everything revolves around data. But imagine all the things you can potentially do with data. We will not only help you build a database of driving behaviour and corresponding risk profiles, but also provide you with information about which vehicle gets which error code; whilst informing you which moment or about the roads that pose most risks.


Up-sell a diverse range of products and services with our application. Let customers shape their own insurance and offer them the possibility to (de)activate various insurance modules. From roadside assistance to assistance abroad; legal aid to (temporary) carsharing-insurances. With our integrated payment methods, all payments and invoicing are taken care of.


Offer your corporate customers your own own state-of-the-art fleet management suite. Being the main contact point for their fleet, you can increase your added value by offering technology that assists them further, saves them costs and increases the efficiency of their fleet. An easy up-sell? Advise your clients based on data and anticipate on mileages / error codes. Our technology is universal, which is why it is compatible with all vehicle brands.