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Traditional automotive businesses rely on upholding strong communication and relationships with their customers. Generally, this is achieved through teams of sales and marketing agents, communicating with clients, and trying to maintain contact with the customer once the vehicle has left their domain. This is both a time consuming task, but also a costly one. By leveraging the power of our technology, you can increase the efficiency of this operation, and drive customers back to up-sell products and services. This is why we created Engage.

Engage is a technology based, customer engagement platform that has been designed from the ground up to provide automotive businesses with a direct route to their customer base. Whether you are a leasing company trying to provide added services or a rental company with thousands of vehicles on the road, we will give you the power to reconnect with your clients.

So how does it work?

Engage is built using a combination of ULU’s technologies, including a bespoke application layer for IOS and Android.

+ Hardware
Our VEL 10 hardware provides the foundation for the system to function effectively. By placing it inside your vehicles, you will gain access to a wealth of real time data that can be used to trigger notifications or prompts for the customer to engage. Perhaps the vehicle battery is running low? Or there is a problem with the vehicle that needs repairing? These types of issues, and many more, can be detected and automatically generate an up-sell or push notification. Our VEL 10 hardware provides the foundation for the system to function...>
+ Platform
Engage uses 'The Platform' to process the incoming data streams from the devices, and sends clean information to the application. 'The Platform' uses the highest standards of data protection and encryption to ensure your data is safe and secure. Our entire process is GDPR compliant meaning your clients’ data is kept private and confidential. Engage uses 'The Platform' to process the incoming data streams...>
+ Engage App
Our mission was to create an app that your clients will actively use. This primarily ensures that they will engage with the notifications/messages you send to them, and will promote your company brand and identity passively as well. The app is built on several different layers, that come together to provide an enriched end-user experience. Our mission was to create an app that your clients will actively use...>
The CMS allows the mobility service provider to communicate directly to the customer's app via feed or message. This allows you to push relevant, real time information to your client's phone, and actively promote your business’ services. Whether that be a Black Friday promotion, or a winter tyre sale, the choice is entirely yours. The CMS allows the mobility service provider to communicate...>
+ Messaging
Gain a direct line of communication with your client by using the messaging tool. Primarily, it allows clients to communicate any questions they might have, but it is also an opportunity to send personalised promotions and offers. Studies have shown the clients are 40% more likely to respond to a personal request, as opposed to a general offer. Gain a direct line of communication with your client by using the messaging...>
+ Automation
Bespoke content is great, but sometimes, it’s difficult to gauge when to communicate the most appropriate message. Our device is constantly collecting real time data from the vehicle, and therefore can send automated feed/ direct messages based on actual triggers. For example, if the battery voltage is getting low, a message can be sent that offers a discount on a new one. This can be used creatively for a wide range of applications, putting the power to up-sell back into the automotive providers’ hands. Bespoke content is great, but sometimes, it’s difficult to gauge when to....>
White Label Service

An application is only appropriate if it is genuinely useful to the end user. We have gone to great lengths to make the application pragmatic to both the service provider and the client. The driver will enjoy the following benefits from using the app:

- In Depth Driving Behaviour

- Automated Start/ Stop Parking (NL only)

- ‘Dude, Where’s my car’ vehicle location tracking

- Mileage Expense (Private/ Business Mileage)

- Useful push notifications

- Trip Statistics and History

- Vehicle Health Updates/ Notifications


Our Engagement Platform is future-proof and we are adding new developments/features on a daily basis. Take the first step in this exciting, new mobility space, and implement your own connected customer strategy. With Engage, you will create the infrastructure for new developments, and make steps towards accessing new revenue streams; by leveraging our powerful technology.

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Monitor actual mileages, error codes, maintenance needs or respond to necessary part replacements. Offer your own Fleetmanagement tool, connect your private /business lease driver or implement your connected customer strategy to improve your customer satisfaction and loyalty by responding to actual mileages, error codes or maintenance needs.

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Leasing companies

A relevant driving app for your customers, which they are eager to use multiple times a day. Stay on top of mind with your customers and keep in touch with them. Monitor the actual mileages, respond to error codes or maintenance needs and analyse the fuel consumption. Take the next step in your service by implementing a mobility app that all your customers are waiting for.

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A fair insurance based on your own behaviour. Who wouldn’t want to be in control of the premium you have to pay? The ULU technology allows insurance companies to offer a car insurance based on driving behaviour. The better you drive, the higher your discount. The better your customers drive, the lower the amount of claims.

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